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歌う, 唄う, 謡う, 詠う, 唱う, うたう
Conjugated: 歌い
Godan verb, Transitive, Intransitive
1. to sing
esp. 歌う, 詠う
2. to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.), to compose a poem, to recite a poem
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歌い, うたいて
歌い上げる, 歌いあげる, うたいあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to sing at the top of one's voice, to belt out a song
2. to express one's feelings fully in a poem, to praise in poetry
歌い, うたいどり
See 時鳥, Obscure term
lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)
歌い, うたいめ
See 芸者
woman who entertains customers with song and dance
歌い合う, うたいあう
Godan verb
to sing responsively
歌いだし, 歌い出し, 唄い出し, 唄いだし, うたいだし
first line (of a poem), first bars (of a melody)
歌い回し, うたいまわし
manner of singing
歌いだす, 歌い出す, うたいだす
Godan verb, Intransitive
to break into song, to burst into song, to begin singing
弾き歌い, 弾き唄い, ひきうたい
singing while playing (the guitar, piano, etc.), singing to one's own accompaniment
歌いまくる, 歌い捲る, うたいまくる
Godan verb, See 捲る・まくる・2
to sing energetically, to sing with abandon
歌い始める, うたいはじめる
Ichidan verb
to start singing
謡物, 謡い物, 歌い, うたいもの
See 歌物
utai (noh chant) piece for recitation
歌うたい, 歌唄い, 歌歌い, 歌謡い, うたうたい
1. singer, vocalist
See 長唄
2. nagauta singer (in kabuki)
See 謡
3. singer of noh chants
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