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, 唄, 詩, うた
Only 歌, Only 唄, 唄 is primarily used for shamisen songs
1. song
See 短歌
2. classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka)
Only 詩
3. modern poetry
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, 唄う, 謡う, 詠う, 唱う, うたう
Godan verb, Transitive, Intransitive
1. to sing
esp. 歌う, 詠う
2. to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.), to compose a poem, to recite a poem
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, かしゅ
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舞伎, 舞妓, かぶき
kabuki, Japanese classical drama
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, わかやま
Wakayama (city, prefecture)
, たんか, みじかうた
See 長歌・ちょうか・1
tanka, 31-mora Japanese poem
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, かげき
See オペラ
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, かじん
poet (of tanka poems)
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, うたびと
See 短歌
1. skillful tanka poet
2. official in charge of court poetry and music (ritsuryo period)
, かし
song lyrics, words of a song, libretto
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, うたことば
See 歌語
words mainly used in songs or poetry
, かしゅう
See 和歌
1. collection of waka poems, anthology
2. songbook
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, かきょく
melody, tune, song
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, こっか
national anthem
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, 艶, えんか
1. enka, traditional-style Japanese popular ballad
Only 艶歌
2. troubadour
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舞伎座, かぶきざ
1. kabuki troupe, kabuki theater (theatre)
2. Kabuki-za (theatre in Tokyo)
, うたごえ, かせい
singing voice, (sound of) singing
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, 倭, わか
See 短歌
waka, classic Japanese poem, esp. a tanka, often 31 morae
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, かよう
song, ballad
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, かしょう
Takes suru
song, singing
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謡曲, かようきょく
1. kayōkyoku, form of Japanese popular music that developed during the Showa era
early Showa era term
2. (Western) pop song
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, こうか
school song
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, 詩哥, しいか, しか
Japanese and Chinese poetry, poems
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, 合わせ, 合せ, うたあわせ
poetry contest
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流行, りゅうこうか
popular song, hit song
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, 讃, 讚, さんか
song of praise, eulogy, paean, hymn
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紡ぎ, 紡ぎ唄, つむぎ唄, つむぎ, つむぎうた
spinning song
い手, うたいて
, 鼻唄, はなうた
humming, crooning
, しょうか
Takes suru
singing, songs
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会始め, 会始, うたかいはじめ
annual New Year's poetry reading
, かだん
poetry circles
, せいか
May take 'no'
hymn, chant, sacred song
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