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検討, けんとう
Takes suru
consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, discussion, analysis, review
検討, さいけんとう
Takes suru
re-examination, review, reconsideration, reappraisal
検討, けんとうかい
meeting convened to discuss issues, planning conference, review meeting, feedback session, investigative commission
検討, けんとうちゅう
under investigation, under consideration, under review, pending (decision, etc.), awaiting verification
検討, けんとうず
draft (drawing, plan, etc.)
機会検討, きかいけんとう
Computer terminology
opportunity study
技術検討, ぎじゅつけんとう
Computer terminology
technical investigation
検討結果, けんとうけっか
Computer terminology
results of an investigation
検討対象, けんとうたいしょう
subject of an investigation, object being examined
検討作業, けんとうさぎょう
review work, study, investigation
可否検討, かひけんとう
Takes suru
considering the pros and cons of, examining arguments for and against
検討委員会, けんとういいんかい
investigative commission
実現可能性検討, じつげんかのうせいけんとう
Computer terminology
feasibility study
監査検討ファイル, かんさけんとうファイル
Computer terminology
audit-review file
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