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条件, じょうけん
condition, term, requirement, qualification, prerequisite
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, 容, 貌, かたち, よう
Only 形, Only 容
1. form, shape, figure
2. visage
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なり, , 態
May take 'no', See なりに, Usually in kana
style, way, shape, form, appearance, state
, かた, がた
Suffix, See 型・1, がた when a suffix
1. shape, appearance
2. collateral
See 銭・ぜに・1
3. obverse of an old "zeni" coin
, けい
Suffix, See 活用形・かつようけい, See 三角形・さんかくけい
1. form, tense
See 形容詞, Abbreviation, part of speech tag used in dictionaries
2. adjective, i-adjective (in Japanese)
ほど, 程
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. extent, degree, measure
2. limit, bounds
3. (span of) time
4. (a) distance
as 〜のほど
5. the state of, the status of, the condition of
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歩度, ほど
one's walking pace