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最後まで, さいごまで
to the end, to the last
頑張り, がんばり
tenacity, endurance
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頑張る, がんばる
Conjugated: がんばり
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to persevere, to persist, to keep at it, to hang on, to hold out, to do one's best
2. to insist that, to stick to (one's opinion)
3. to remain in a place, to stick to one's post, to refuse to budge
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抜く, ぬく
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to pull out, to draw out, to extract, to unplug, to weed
2. to omit, to leave out, to go without, to skip
Auxiliary verb
3. to do to the end, to carry through
4. to let out (e.g. air from a tyre), to drain (e.g. water from a bath), to empty
5. to pick out, to choose, to select
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, ぬく
See 温い・1, Archaism, Derogatory
idiot, dummy, slow person
Particle, Male term, used at sentence end
adds force or indicates command
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