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曇り, 曇, くもり
1. cloudiness, cloudy weather
2. fog (on a mirror, glasses, etc.), cloud (e.g. in marble), blur, mist, shadow, dimness
3. gloom, dejection
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曇り, くもりぞら
cloudy sky, overcast sky
曇り, ほんぐもり
low-cloud overcast
曇り, あさぐもり
a cloudy morning
曇り, くもりごえ
depressed voice
曇り, 雪曇, ゆきぐもり
May take 'no', Rare
cloudy sky looking like it will snow soon
曇り, 鳥曇, とりぐもり
cloudy sky that appears when the migrating birds that stayed for winter and autumn in Japan leave to go north
曇り, にしんぐもり
cloudy weather near Hokkaido during the herrings season (from the third to the sixth lunar month)
曇り, 薄曇, うすぐもり
May take 'no'
slightly cloudy
曇り, 花曇, はなぐもり
May take 'no'
hazy weather in spring
曇りがち, 曇り勝ち, 曇勝ち, くもりがち
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
mainly cloudy, tending to be cloudy
曇りガラス, くもりガラス
frosted glass
雨曇, 雨曇り, あまぐもり
overcast weather
晴後曇, 晴れ後曇り, はれのちくもり
Expression, See 晴後雨・はれのちあめ
cloudy after fine, sunny then cloudy, clear then cloudy