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暮らし, 暮し, くらし
Noun, used as a suffix, usu. ぐらし as a suffix
(way of) life, living, livelihood, life circumstances
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暮らし向き, 暮し向き, 暮らしむき, 暮しむき, くらしむき
life circumstances, lifestyle, (family) finances
その日暮らし, その日暮し, 其の日暮らし, 其の日暮し, そのひぐらし
1. financially scraping by, meagre existence (meager), hand to mouth existence
2. living one's life without plan, living life day-by-day, taking life one day at a time
日暮らし, 日暮し, ひぐらし
May take 'no', Adverb
from morning to evening, all day long
暮らす, 暮す, くらす
Conjugated: 暮し
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to live, to get along
2. to spend (time)
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貧乏暮らし, 貧乏暮し, びんぼうぐらし
needy circumstances, living in poverty
やもめ暮らし, 寡婦暮らし, 寡暮らし, 寡暮し, 鰥暮らし, 鰥暮し, やもめぐらし
widowhood, widowerhood, viduity
一人暮らし, 1人暮らし, ひとり暮らし, 独り暮らし, 一人暮し, ひとり暮し, 独り暮し, ひとりぐらし
living by oneself, living alone
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