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晴天, せいてん, せいでん
fine weather (i.e. little or no clouds), fair weather, clear weather, clear sky, fair skies
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晴天, せいてんいき
area of clear sky
晴天続き, せいてんつづき
spell of fine weather
晴天乱気流, せいてんらんきりゅう
clear-air turbulence
本日は晴天なり, ほんじつはせいてんなり
Expression, standard phrase said when testing a microphone
testing, testing
青天の霹靂, 晴天の霹靂, 青天のへきれき, 晴天のへきれき, せいてんのへきれき
Expression, Idiomatic expression
a bolt out of the blue