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景気, けいき
1. business conditions, the market, economic activity, economic climate
See 好景気
2. good (economic) times, prosperity, boom
3. liveliness, energy, vigour, vigor, spirit
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景気, ふけいき
NA-adjective, See 好景気
1. economic slump, hard times, depression, recession
2. poor (business), dull, slack, inactive
3. gloomy, cheerless, dismal
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景気, こうけいき
See 不景気・1
good times, boom, (wave of) prosperity
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景気, じょうけいき
boom, prosperity
軍需景気, ぐんじゅけいき
war prosperity
中間景気, ちゅうかんけいき
temporary boom
付け景気, つけげいき
borrowed prosperity
跛行景気, はこうけいき
spotty economic boom
景気変動, けいきへんどう
business fluctuations
景気循環, けいきじゅんかん
business cycle
糸偏景気, いとへんけいき
textile boom
景気回復, けいきかいふく
economic comeback (rebound, recovery, turnaround)
景気拡大, けいきかくだい
economic expansion, boom
景気減速, けいきげんそく
economic slowdown
景気後退, けいきこうたい
Economics term
景気縮小, けいきしゅくしょう
economic contraction
景気対策, けいきたいさく
economic measure
景気停滞, けいきていたい
economic slump
景気判断, けいきはんだん
economic assessment
景気不安, けいきふあん
economic malaise
景気付け, 景気づけ, けいきづけ
putting life into, animating, cheering up
鍋底景気, なべぞこけいき
lingering recession, an economy that lingers in the doldrums after bottoming out
泡沫景気, ほうまつけいき
bubble boom, ephemeral boom
岩戸景気, いわとけいき
the economic boom of 1958-1961
神武景気, じんむけいき
the economic boom of the mid-1950s
金偏景気, かねへんけいき
metal industry boom
特需景気, とくじゅけいき
economic boom due to special procurements, esp. in wartime
景気指数, けいきしすう
business index, business barometer
景気悪化, けいきあっか
economic downturn
景気予測, けいきよそく
Takes suru
business forecast, business forecasting, business prediction, economic forecasting
景気低迷, けいきていめい
economic slump, economic stagnation, lackluster economy, stagnant economy, sluggish economy, slow economy, dwindling economy
景気浮揚, けいきふよう
See リフレーション
reflation, stimulating the economy by increasing the money supply or by reducing taxes
景気よく, 景気良く, けいきよく
Expression, Adverb
with gusto, with wild abandon, enthusiastically, energetically