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, 刻, 秋, とき
刻 signifies a time of day; 秋 signifies an important time
1. time, hour, moment
Only 時, Adverb
2. occasion, case
3. chance, opportunity, season
4. the times, the age, the day
5. tense
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, じ
1. hour, o'clock
May take 'no', See 緊急時
2. (specified) time, when ..., during ...
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, どき
Noun, used as a suffix, See 食事時, after noun or -masu stem of verb
1. time for ..., time to ...
See 売り時
2. good time to ..., opportunity to ...
See 花見時
3. season
, 膚, はだ, はだ
1. skin
See 肌を許す
2. body (in the context of intimate bodily contact)
Noun, used as a suffix
3. surface, grain (e.g. of wood), texture
See 肌が合う
4. disposition, temperament, character, type
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愛でる, 賞でる, めで
Conjugated: めで
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to love, to cherish
2. to admire, to appreciate
すげ, 菅, すが, スゲ
Usually in kana
sedge (Cyperaceae spp., esp. members of genus Carex)
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