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昼間, ひるま, ちゅうかん
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
daytime, during the day, time from sunrise until sunset, diurnal period
遊ぶ, あそぶ, あすぶ
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to play (games, sports), to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
2. to mess about (with alcohol, gambling, philandery, etc.)
3. to be idle, to do nothing, to be unused
4. to meet up (with friends), to hang out
5. to give oneself up (to gambling, drinking, etc.)
荒ぶ, 進ぶ, 遊ぶ, すさぶ
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 荒む・1
1. to grow wild, to run to waste, to become degenerate
2. to become rough (of art, craft, etc.), to lose refinement, to deteriorate (of skill)
Auxiliary verb, usu. after -masu stem
3. to intensify (of wind, rain, etc.), to become more severe
Only 遊ぶ, Archaism
4. to do as one pleases, to amuse oneself, to play around
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