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, 午, 晝, ひる
See 御昼・2
1. noon, midday
Only 昼, Only 晝, See 御昼・3
2. daytime
See 御昼・1
3. lunch
, 中食, , ちゅうしょく, ちゅうじき, ひるげ
1. lunch, midday meal
usu. 中食
2. food served at a tea party (tea ceremony)
ご飯, ごはん, 御飯, ひるごはん
lunch, midday meal
, ひるま, ちゅうかん
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
daytime, during the day, time from sunrise until sunset, diurnal period
, 御, おひる
See 昼・ひる・3, Polite
1. lunch
See 昼・ひる・1
2. noon, midday
See 昼・ひる・2
3. daytime
Honorific or respectful
4. waking up, getting up, rising
, ちゅうや
Adverbial noun, May take 'no'
day and night
, , ひるね
Takes suru
nap (afternoon), siesta
過ぎ, すぎ, 午過ぎ, 午すぎ, ひるすぎ
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
just past noon, afternoon
, ひるまえ
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
1. morning, forenoon
2. just before noon
休み, ひるやすみ
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
lunch break, noon recess, noon rest period
, はくちゅう
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
daytime, midday
, めし, ひるめし, ちゅうはん, ひるはん
lunch, midday meal
下がり, ひるさがり
early afternoon
, まひる
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
midday, broad daylight
, ひるごろ
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
about noon
, ちゅうさん
, ひるどき
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
noon, lunch time
, ひるとんび
sneak thief
, ちゅうれい
afternoon assembly (at a company, etc.)
, こひる, こびる
1. just before noon
2. late-morning snack
, ひるきん
day shift
, ひるなか
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi), See 昼間
, 中三, ちゅうさん
See 宝暦・ほうれき
highest ranking prostitute in Yoshiwara (from the Houreki era onward)
, しゅんちゅう
spring day (which seems long and quiet)
, ひるおび
See 昼メロ, See 帯ドラマ, from 昼間の帯ドラマ
soap opera
, えんちゅう
hot summer early afternoon
, ひるしょく
See 夜職
daytime work (as opposed to work in the nighttime entertainment business or sex industry)
, いっちゅうや
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
whole day and night, 24 hours
興行, ひるこうぎょう
行灯, ひるあんどん
Derogatory, Idiomatic expression
dunce, blockhead, inattentive person, (a) lantern at noon
食会, ちゅうしょくかい
luncheon meeting
日中, ひなか, 日なか, ひるひなか
Expression, Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi), See 真っ昼間・まっぴるま
daytime, noon, broad daylight
光色, ちゅうこうしょく
daylight color, daylight colour
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