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昨日, きのう, さくじつ
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昨日, おととい, おとつい, いっさくじつ
day before yesterday
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一昨昨日, 一昨々日, いっさくさくじつ, さきおとつい, さきおととい
two days before yesterday, three days back (ago)
昨日今日, きのうきょう
1. yesterday and today
2. only recently, just recently, only yesterday
今日昨日, きょうきのう
1. today and yesterday
2. (something that happened) only yesterday (just recently)
昨日の今日, きのうのきょう
right on the heels of yesterday, then today ..., soon after something, and yet now ...
昨日や今日, きのうやきょう
Expression, See 昨日今日・2
only recently, just recently, only yesterday
昨日の友は今日の敵, きのうのともはきょうのてき
Expression, Proverb
a friend today may turn against you tomorrow
おととい来やがれ, 一昨日来やがれ, おとといきやがれ
Expression, Slang
don't you ever come here again!, come here the day before yesterday
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