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夕べ, 昨夜, ゆうべ, さくや, ゆんべ
Only 夕べ, Adverb
1. evening
usu. 昨夜
2. last night, yesterday evening
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下がり, さがり
Antonym: 上がり・1
1. fall, decline, lowering, hanging down, drooping, slanting (downward)
Sumo term
2. string apron, ornamental cords hanging from the front of a sumo wrestler's belt
See お下がり・1, See お下がり・2, usu. as お下がり
3. food offering to the gods, leftovers, hand-me-downs
4. leaving (one's master's place for home)
Noun, used as a suffix
5. a little after ...
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下がる, 下る, さがる
Conjugated: 下がり
Godan verb, Intransitive, Antonym: 上がる・1
1. to come down, to go down, to fall, to drop, to sink, to get lower
2. to hang, to dangle
3. to move back, to step back, to withdraw, to retire
4. to deteriorate, to fall off, to be downgraded
5. to get closer to the present day
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