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, はる
1. spring, springtime
2. New Year
3. prime (of life), height (of one's prosperity), heyday
4. adolescence, puberty
5. sexuality, sexual desire
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, こんしゅん
this spring, spring this year
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, らいしゅん, らいはる
next spring
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, しゅんとう
spring labor offensive, annual spring wage bargaining round
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, せいしゅん
May take 'no'
youth, springtime of life, adolescent
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, しゅんじつ, はるひ, はるび
spring day, spring sunlight
, ばいしゅん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
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, さくしゅん
last spring, the spring of last year
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, しゅんじゅう, はるあき
1. spring and autumn, spring and fall
2. years, age
Only しゅんじゅう, See 五経
3. The Spring and Autumn Annals, The Chronicles of Lu, Chunqiu, Ch'un Ch'iu
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場所, はるばしょ
Sumo term
spring (March) tournament, held in Osaka
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, しんしゅん
New Year (Spring)
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, はるさき
beginning of spring
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, しゅんき
spring season
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休み, , はるやすみ
spring break, spring vacation
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, ししゅんき
puberty, adolescence
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, そうしゅん
early spring
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, ばいしゅんふ, ばいしゅんぷ
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, はるかぜ, しゅんぷう
spring breeze
, ちょうしゅん
1. everlasting spring
See 長春花, Abbreviation
2. China rose (Rosa chinensis)
, しゅんよう
spring sunshine, springtime
, 中, ちゅうしゅん
See 如月, Obsolete term
1. second month of the lunar calendar
Only 中春, Obscure term
2. 15th day of the second month of the lunar calendar (around mid-spring)
, ぼしゅん
1. late spring
Obsolete term
2. third month of the lunar calendar
, しゅんだん
warm spring weather, spring warmth
, きしゅん
1. late spring
Obsolete term
2. third month of the lunar calendar
, しゅんじょう
1. scenery of spring
2. lust, sexual passion
, しゅんらん
spring storm
, はるご, しゅんさん
spring breed of silkworm
, はるぼう
nickname for such names as Haruo or Haruko
, はるまゆ
spring cocoon crop
, もうしゅん
1. beginning of spring
Obsolete term
2. first month of the lunar calendar
, しゅんか
bawdy song, lewd song, obscene song
はるにれ, , ハルニレ
Usually in kana
Japanese elm (Ulmus davidiana var. japonica)
, しゅんせつ
Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival