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やすい, 易い
Conjugated: 易く
1. easy
Suffix, Usually in kana, after -masu stem of verb
2. likely to ..., have a tendency to ...
3. easy to ...
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言うは易く行うは難し, いうはやすくおこなうはかたし
Expression, Proverb
it's easier said than done, saying is easy; doing is hard
創業は易く守成は難し, そうぎょうはやすくしゅせいはかたし
Expression, Proverb
it is easy to start an enterprise but hard to maintain it
少年老い易く学成り難し, 少年老いやすく学成りがたし, 少年老いやすく学なりがたし, しょうねんおいやすくがくなりがたし
Expression, Proverb
study hard while you are young, boys grow old easily but getting learned is harder
山中の賊を破るは易く心中の賊を破るは難し, さんちゅうのぞくをやぶるはやすくしんちゅうのぞくをやぶるはかたし
Expression, Proverb
it's hard to discipline one's mind, defeating the bandits in the mountains is easy; defeating the bandit in one's heart is hard