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早い, 速い, 疾い, 捷い, はやい
esp. 速い, 疾い, 捷い
1. fast, quick, hasty, brisk
esp. 早い
2. early (in the day, etc.), premature
3. (too) soon, not yet, (too) early
See 手っ取り早い・1
4. easy, simple
早い, 素速い, す早い, す速い, すばやい
1. quick, swift, nimble, agile
2. quick (understanding, judgement, etc.), alert, prompt
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早い, 手ばやい, てばやい
nimble, quick, agile
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手っ取り早い, てっとりばやい
1. quick, prompt, without delay
2. simple, easy, effortless
早い, めばやい
早い話が, はやいはなしが
Expression, Adverb
in short, in a nutshell, in a word, to cut a long story short
耳が早い, 耳が速い, 耳がはやい, みみがはやい
Expression, See 耳の早い
being quick-eared, having sharp ears, being first to know about something
喧嘩早い, ケンカ早い, 喧嘩ぱやい, けんかばやい, ケンカばやい, けんかぱやい
See 喧嘩っ早い
quarrelsome, easy to anger
早いこと, 早い, はやいこと
Expression, Adverb
早いとこ, 早いところ, 早い, はやいとこ, はやいところ
Expression, Adverb, See 早いこと・はやいこと
promptly, quickly
早い, がはやいか
Expression, after plain form of verb
no sooner ... than ..., hardly ... when ..., as soon as
気が早い, きがはやい
Expression, See 気の早い
short-tempered, quick-tempered, hasty
手が早い, てがはやい
Expression, See 手の早い, Idiomatic expression
1. to be a quick worker
2. to be fast in forming relationships with women
3. to be quick to resort to violence
気の早い, きのはやい
Expression, See 気が早い
short-tempered, quick-tempered, hasty
耳の早い, みみのはやい
See 耳が早い
手の早い, てのはやい
See 手が早い, Idiomatic expression
1. fast working
2. fast in forming relationships with women
3. quick to resort to violence
足が早い, あしがはやい
1. to be fast at walking and running
Idiomatic expression
2. to be quick to spoil (of foodstuffs)
一足早い, ひと足早い, ひとあしはやい
slightly early, just before
朝が早い, あさがはやい
waking up early, getting up early, early rising
話が早い, はなしがはやい
being settled quickly, reaching a quick conclusion, no need to say any more, no problem
話は早い, はなしははやい
Expression, See 話が早い
being settled quickly, reaching a quick conclusion, no need to say any more, no problem
時期が早い, じきがはやい
before scheduled, earlier than expected
悟りが早い, 覚りが早い, さとりがはやい
Expression, Obscure term
being quick to understand
乾きの早い, かわきのはやい
fast drying (clothes)
沸きが早い, わきがはやい
quick to warm up (e.g. of a kettle)
早いもの順, 早い者順, はやいものじゅん
first-come-first-served basis
一日も早い, いちにちもはやい
Expression, See 一日も早く・いちにちもはやく
speedy, as rapid as possible, as soon as possible
早いもので, 早い物で, はやいもので
already, time flies
喧嘩っ早い, ケンカっ早い, 喧嘩っぱやい, けんかっぱやい, ケンカっぱやい
See 喧嘩早い・けんかばやい
quarrelsome, easy to anger, quick to lose temper
できる限り早い, 出来る限り早い, できるかぎりはやい
as soon as possible, at the earliest time
飲み込みが早い, 呑み込みが早い, のみ込みが早い, のみこみがはやい
quick-witted, quick to understand
早い者勝ち, 早いもの勝ち, 早いもん勝ち, はやいものがち, はやいもんがち
Expression, Proverb
first come, first served, the early bird catches the worm
早ければ早いほどいい, 早ければ早いほど良い, 早ければ早い程良い, 早ければ早い程いい, はやければはやいほどよい, はやければはやいほどいい
the sooner, the better