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日に日に, ひにひに
1. day by day, by the day
2. daily, every day
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日に異に, ひにけに
Expression, Adverb, Archaism
with each new day, day by day, by the day
陰に日に, 影に日に, かげにひに
at all times, at any time, in rain or shine, reliably
日に譲る, ごじつにゆずる
Expression, Godan verb
to keep (the matter) for another occasion
日に当てる, ひにあてる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to expose to the sun
いつの日に, 何時の日に, いつのひにか
Expression, See いつの日か・いつのひか
one of these days, someday, one day
日にあげず, 三日に上げず, みっかにあげず
Expression, Adverb
at very frequent intervals, almost every other day, constantly
夜を日に継いで, 夜を日についで, よをひについで
day and night, turning night into day
ローマは一日にして成らず, ローマは一日にしてならず, ローマはいちにちにしてならず
Expression, Proverb
Rome was not built in a day
日日, 日に, ひにち
the number of days, date
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日々に新たなり, 日日に新なり, ひびにあらたなり
Expression, Idiomatic expression
keep improving every day
去る者日々に疎し, 去る者日日に疎し, さるものひびにうとし
Expression, Proverb
out of sight, out of mind, the dead are forgotten with time
去る者は日々に疎し, 去る者は日日に疎し, さるものはひびにうとし
Expression, Proverb
1. with time we forget those who have died, out of sight, out of mind
2. friendships fade with distance