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新聞, しんぶん
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新聞, しんぶんしゃ
newspaper company
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スポーツ新聞, スポーツしんぶん
sports newspaper
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新聞, しんぶんし, しんぶんがみ
newsprint, newspaper used for wrapping, packing, etc.
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新聞記事, しんぶんきじ
newspaper story (article, account)
Kanji list 機能に新聞記事頻度を追加しました。
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新聞, ふるしんぶん
old newspapers
新聞, しんぶんぎょう
the newspaper industry
新聞, しんぶんだね
news source or topic
新聞, あかしんぶん
from the reddish color of the Yorozu Chōhō's newsprint
scandal sheet, gutter press, yellow press
新聞, しんぶんほ
newspaper distributor
新聞, こしんぶん
See 大新聞
1. type of newspaper from the Meiji era
2. minor journal, local newspaper
新聞, おおしんぶん, だいしんぶん
See 小新聞
1. type of newspaper from the Meiji era (characterized by its use of political commentary written in literary language)
2. major newspaper
新聞, しんぶんや
1. newspaper stand, newspaper seller, paper carrier
2. newspaper reporter
新聞, しんぶんがく
newspaper studies, media studies
小型新聞, こがたしんぶん
新聞記者, しんぶんきしゃ
newspaper reporter, print journalist
新聞広告, しんぶんこうこく
newspaper advertisement
日刊新聞, にっかんしんぶん
daily newspaper
邦字新聞, ほうじしんぶん
Japanese-language newspaper (printed outside Japan)
御用新聞, ごようしんぶん
pro-government newspaper, newspaper that curries favour with the government
英字新聞, えいじしんぶん
English-language newspaper
学校新聞, がっこうしんぶん
school paper
競馬新聞, けいばしんぶん
racing form, racing (news)paper
新聞配達, しんぶんはいたつ
(newspaper) carrier, newspaper (delivery) boy (girl), new
新聞発表, しんぶんはっぴょう
Takes suru
(issuing) a press release
産経新聞, さんけいしんぶん
Sankei newspaper
ごろ新聞, ゴロ新聞, ごろしんぶん, ゴロしんぶん
See ゴロ
racketeering newspaper, journal that demands money in return for favourable articles
新聞学問, しんぶんがくもん
knowledge gained (information acquired) from newspapers
新聞辞令, しんぶんじれい
appointment or dismissal conjecturally reported in the media (esp. when the conjecture turned out to be wrong), announcement of an appointment that turns out to be mere press speculation
外字新聞, がいじしんぶん
foreign-language newspaper
朝日新聞, あさひしんぶん
Asahi Shimbun (newspaper)
新聞売り, しんぶんうり
newspaper-seller, newsboy, newspaper vendor
電子新聞, でんししんぶん
Computer terminology
electronic newspaper