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援助, えんじょ
Takes suru
assistance, aid, support
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援助交際, えんじょこうさい
Takes suru, See 援交
paid dating (esp. with an underage girl; oft. involving selling of sex), compensated dating
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援助, えんじょしゃ
supporter, helper, aid provider, patron
技術援助, ぎじゅつえんじょ
technological assistance
経済援助, けいざいえんじょ
economic assistance
食糧援助, しょくりょうえんじょ
food assistance
軍事援助, ぐんじえんじょ
military assistance
学費援助, がくひえんじょ
student aid, tuition assistance
財政援助, ざいせいえんじょ
financial aid, financial assistance, financial help, financial support
緊急援助, きんきゅうえんじょ
emergency aid (e.g. disaster relief), humanitarian aid
人道援助, じんどうえんじょ
See 人道支援
humanitarian aid, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian relief
対外援助, たいがいえんじょ
foreign aid, international aid
人道的援助, じんどうてきえんじょ
humanitarian aid
タイド援助, タイドえんじょ
See タイド・2
tied aid
国際援助機関, こくさいえんじょきかん
international aid organization (organisation)
政府開発援助, せいふかいはつえんじょ
Official Development Assistance, ODA
国際緊急援助, こくさいきんきゅうえんじょたい
international disaster relief team, international emergency aid unit