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, , がかり
Suffix, See 係・かかり・1, See 掛かり・かかり・5, 掛 is often used for government offices, railways, etc.
charge, duty, person in charge, official, clerk
かけ, , 懸け, , 懸
See 掛け売り, See 掛け買い, Abbreviation
1. credit
2. money owed on an account, bill
See 掛け蕎麦・かけそば, See 掛けうどん・かけうどん, Usually in kana
3. hot noodles in broth
Noun, used as a suffix
4. proportion (of wholesale price, as tenths of list price)
Suffix, after a -masu stem
5. in the midst of
がけ, , 懸け, , 懸
Suffix, May take 'no', after an article of clothing
1. -clad
Usually in kana, after a -masu stem
2. in the midst of
after a number in the ichi, ni counting system
3. tenths (e.g. wholesale price, as tenths of retail price)
after a number in the hitotsu, futatsu counting system
4. times (i.e. multiplied by)
after a number of people
5. able-to-seat (of a chair, etc.)
かかる, かる, 懸かる, , 懸る
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 時間がかかる, Usually in kana
1. to take (a resource, e.g. time or money)
2. to hang
See お目にかかる
3. to come into view, to arrive
4. to come under (a contract, a tax)
5. to start (engines, motors)
かける, ける, 懸ける
Ichidan verb, Transitive, See 壁にかける, Usually in kana
1. to hang up (e.g. a coat, a picture on the wall), to let hang, to suspend (from), to hoist (e.g. sail), to raise (e.g. flag)
2. to put on (e.g. a blanket), to put on top of, to cover, to lay, to spread
See 眼鏡を掛ける
3. to put on (glasses, etc.), to wear (a necklace, etc.)
See 電話を掛ける
4. to make (a call)
See 時間を掛ける
5. to spend (time, money), to expend, to use
きっかけ, 切っ, 切, 切っかけ, 切, 切っ, 切かけ, キッカケ
Usually in kana
chance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
呼びかける, 呼びける, 呼ける, よびかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to call out to, to hail, to address
2. to appeal
取りかる, 取りかかる, 取り, 取, とりかかる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to begin, to set about, to start
ける, 仕かける, しける, しかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to start, to begin, to commence
2. to challenge, to pick (a fight), to make (war), to draw (a reaction) from
3. to set (traps), to plant (explosives), to lay (mines)
See 鳴く・なく・3, Mahjong term
4. to make a meld call
, 仕, しかけ
1. device, contrivance, mechanism, gadget
2. trick, trap, calculated manipulation, gambit
3. (small) scale, half finished
4. commencement, initiation
5. set up, laying out, preparation
追っかけ, 追っ, おっかけ
1. chase, pursuit
2. chase scene (in a movie)
3. obsessive fan who follows a celebrity around, groupie
Adverbial noun
4. in (quick) succession, soon (after)
追っかける, 追っける, おっかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to chase, to run after, to pursue
け声, かけ声, , かけごえ
Takes suru
shout (of encouragement, etc.), yell (used to time or encourage activity, e.g. "Heave ho!")
け金, , かけきん
installment, instalment, premium, bill
け金, , かけがね
1. latch, lock, sneck
2. joint of the jaw
ける, 腰かける, 腰, こしかける
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to sit (down)
, 出がけ, 出, でがけ, でかけ
Adverb, See お出掛け・1, usu. 出掛けに, etc.
1. (being) about to start out, (being) about to leave
2. having just left, (being) on the way
かり, 大がかり, おおがかり
詰めける, 詰ける, 詰めかける, つめかける
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to crowd (a house), to throng to (a door)
飛びかる, 飛びかかる, 跳びかる, 跳びかかる, とびかかる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to spring at, to leap upon, to swoop down on, to throw oneself upon (e.g. an enemy)
引っける, 引っかける, 引っ懸ける, ひっかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to hang (something) on (something), to throw on (clothes)
2. to hook, to catch, to trap, to ensnare
3. to cheat, to evade payment, to jump a bill
4. to drink (alcohol)
See ぶっ掛ける
5. to splash someone (with)
, 腰, 腰かけ, こしかけ
1. seat, bench
2. temporary job while looking for a better job or until one marries
け合う, 合う, かけ合う, 懸け合う, 懸合う, かけあう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to negotiate with, to talk over with, to haggle
立てける, 立てかける, たてかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to lean against, to set against
, 壁かけ, 壁, かべかけ
1. wall-mounted ornament, wall decoration, wall hanging
Noun or verb acting prenominally
2. wall-mounted
け軸, , かけじく
hanging scroll
, はっかけ
See 裾回し
lining for cuffs and hem of a kimono
け持ち, 持ち, かけ持ち, かけもち
Takes suru
holding two or more positions concurrently
, け言葉, 懸詞, け詞, 懸け詞, かけことば
kakekotoba, pivot word, play on words (esp. in poetry), pun
, けいりゅう
music suspension
, かけご
nesting boxes
, け率, かけりつ
ratio of wholesale price to retail price
, , , から
See 袈裟・1, See 絡子・らくす, Archaism
1. Zen monk's waistcoat (short, informal kasaya)
2. ring (usu. made of ivory) attached to this waistcoat
See 根付け
3. netsuke, item attached to a netsuke
, びんかけ
instrument used in tea ceremony
差しかる, 差しかかる, 差し, さしかかる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to come near, to approach
2. to be on the verge of, to be about to
3. to overhang, to hang over
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