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捜し, 枕探し, まくらさがし
bedroom theft or thief
探し求める, 捜し求める, 探しもとめる, 捜しもとめる, さがしもとめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to search for, to seek for, to look for
人探し, 人捜し, ひとさがし
1. searching for someone, search for a missing person
Only 人探し
2. searching for a (job) candidate, recruitment, scouting
探し物, 捜し, さがしもの
1. looking for something, searching for something
2. object being sought
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探し出す, 捜し出す, 探しだす, 捜しだす, さがし出す, さがしだす
Godan verb, Transitive
to track down, to locate, to find out, to smoke out, to ferret out, to chase up, to discover
犯人探し, 犯人捜し, はんにんさがし
searching for the culprit, trying to find out who did something
探しあぐねる, 捜しあぐねる, 探し倦ねる, 捜し倦ねる, さがしあぐねる
Ichidan verb, Obscure term
to give up searching (for someone or something)
家探し, 家捜し, いえさがし, やさがし
Takes suru, esp. いえさがし
1. house hunting
esp. やさがし
2. searching an entire house, searching a house thoroughly
粗探し, あら探し, あら捜し, アラ探し, 粗捜し, あらさがし, アラさがし
Takes suru
finding fault (with), being picky
宝探し, 宝さがし, 宝捜し, たからさがし
1. treasure hunting, treasure hunt
2. lucky dip, game involving finding hidden prizes from a sand box, barrel of leaves, etc.
探し回る, 探しまわる, 捜し回る, 探し廻る, 捜し廻る, さがしまわる
Godan verb, Transitive
to search about for, to hunt around for, to look high and low for, to look everywhere for
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探し当てる, 探しあてる, 捜し当てる, さがしあてる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to find out, to discover, to detect