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抑え, 押さえ, 押え, おさえ
1. weight (e.g. paperweight), pressing down
2. keeping control, exercising authority
3. having self-control, exercising self-discipline
4. defense, guard, deterrence
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抑え, おさえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to keep within limits (e.g. spending), to restrain (e.g. emotions), to control, to curb, to hold in check
See 押さえる・おさえる・5
2. to hold back (e.g. an enemy), to check, to contain, to quell, to subdue, to suppress, to repress
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抑え, 汗おさえ, あせおさえ
抑え込む, おさえこむ
Godan verb
to shut out one's opponents, to stop the other side from scoring
抑えがたい, 抑え難い, おさえがたい
uncontrollable, irrepressible
反乱を抑え, 叛乱を抑え, はんらんをおさえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to stifle a rebellion
抑えきれない, 抑え切れない, おさえきれない
uncontainable, irrepressible, uncontrollable
押さえ込み, 抑え込み, おさえこみ
holding down (esp. in judo), holding technique, pinning down, immobilizing, bringing under control
押さえつける, 抑えつける, 押えつける, 押さえ付ける, 押え付ける, 抑え付ける, おさえつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to press down, to hold down, to pin down
2. to suppress (feelings, disorder, opposition, etc.), to repress
取り押さえる, 取り押える, 取押える, 取り抑え, 取抑え, とりおさえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to seize, to capture, to arrest
2. to hold down, to subdue