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技術, ぎじゅつ
1. technology, engineering
2. technique, skill
3. art, craft
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家内, かない, やうち
Only かない, Humble
1. (my) wife
2. inside the home, one's family
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叶う, 適う, 敵う, かなう
Conjugated: かない
Godan verb, esp. 叶う
1. to come true (of a wish, prayer, etc.), to be realized, to be fulfilled
See 道理に適う, esp. 適う
2. to suit (e.g. a purpose), to meet (wishes, ideals, etc.), to conform to (standards, rules, etc.), to be consistent with
esp. 敵う, usu. with neg. verb
3. to match (implies competition), to rival, to bear (e.g. the heat)
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