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感謝, かんしゃ
Takes suru, Transitive, Intransitive
thanks, gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness
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仕切る, しきる
Conjugated: しきれません
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to partition, to divide, to mark off
2. to direct, to manage, to run, to organize, to take responsibility for
3. to settle accounts
Intransitive, Sumo term
4. to assume a crouching posture (at the start of a bout), to poise oneself for the initial charge
しきる, 頻る
Conjugated: しきれません
Suffix, Godan verb, See 降りしきる, Usually in kana, after the -masu stem of a verb
1. to do ... incessantly, to do ... hard
Intransitive, Archaism, orig. meaning
2. to happen repeatedly, to happen over and over again