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恐れ, 虞, 畏れ, 怖れ, おそれ
fear, horror, anxiety, concern, uneasiness, reverence
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恐れ, 怖れる, 畏れる, 懼れる, 惧れる, おそれる
Conjugated: 恐れ
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to fear, to be afraid of
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1. indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)
2. indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)
3. but, however, still, and
after the volitional form of a verb
4. regardless of, whether (or not)
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ある, 有る, 在る
Conjugated: ありません
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 居る・いる・1, Usually in kana, usu. of inanimate objects
1. to be, to exist, to live
2. to have
3. to be located
4. to be equipped with
5. to happen, to come about
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