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思う, 想う, 念う, 憶う, 懐う, 惟う, おもう
Godan verb, Transitive, 想う has connotations of heart-felt
1. to think, to consider, to believe, to reckon
2. to think (of doing), to plan (to do)
3. to judge, to assess, to regard
4. to imagine, to suppose, to dream
5. to expect, to look forward to
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思う存分, 思うぞんぶん, おもうぞんぶん
Expression, Adverb
to one's heart's content, to one's complete satisfaction, as much as one likes, heartily, thoroughly, without restraint
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思う, 思うさま, おもうさま
to one's heart's content
思う, 惟うに, おもうに
presumably, conceivably, in my opinion, in my view, I think (that), upon thought, upon reflection
思う, ものおもう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to worry, to fret, to be anxious
思う, いまおもうと
thinking back now
思うつぼ, 思うツボ, 思う, 思う, おもうつぼ, おもうツボ
1. one's wishes, one's expectations
2. just as expected
思うまま, 思う, おもうまま
Adverb, NA-adjective
as one wishes, as one pleases, to one's heart's content
妙に思う, みょうにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to think (something) strange
心に思う, こころにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to think deep down (that), to tell oneself (that), to secretly believe (that)
思うがまま, おもうがまま
Expression, See 思うまま
to one's heart's content or satisfaction
かと思う, かとおもうと
Expression, after past tense verb
1. no sooner than, as soon as, immediately after
2. at the thought of, when I think about
思うように, おもうように
Expression, See 思い通り
as one wishes, the way one wants, to one's satisfaction
誇りに思う, ほこりにおもう
Expression, Godan verb, Transitive
to take pride in, to pride oneself, to be proud of
疑問に思う, ぎもんにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to doubt, to think (something is) doubtful, to wonder, to be suspicious
夢にも思う, ゆめにもおもう
Expression, Godan verb, See 夢にも思わない・ゆめにもおもわない, usu. in negative: ~わなかった, ~っていなかった, etc.
to have in one's dreams
残念に思う, ざんねんにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to repent, to regret, to be sorry, to rue
良かれと思う, よかれと思う, 善かれと思う, よかれとおもう
Expression, Godan verb, often as 良かれと思って
to wish to go well, to have good intentions
どうかと思う, どうかとおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to think (something) is improper, to question, to have a problem with
憎からず思う, にくからずおもう
Expression, Godan verb, See 憎からず
to feel affectionate towards, to have feelings for, to care for, to hold dear
気の毒に思う, 気のどくに思う, きのどくにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to feel sorry (for, that), to regret (that), to feel pity, to sympathize
思う壺にはまる, 思う壷にはまる, 思うつぼにはまる, おもうつぼにはまる
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to turn out just as one wished, to play into the hands (of)
ありがたく思う, 有り難く思う, ありがたくおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to be grateful, to feel grateful, to be thankful
思う故に我あり, 我思うゆえに我あり, 我思う故に我在り, 我思う故に我有り, われおもうゆえにわれあり
Expression, See コギトエルゴスム, Proverb
I think, therefore I am, cogito, ergo sum
思うところがある, 思う所がある, おもうところがある
Expression, Godan verb
to have something on one's mind, to have (undisclosed) reservations, to feel conflicted
思う念力岩をも通す, 思う念力岩をも徹す, おもうねんりきいわをもとおす
Expression, Proverb
where there is a will, there is a way
いただければと思う, 頂ければと思う, いただければとおもう
Expression, Godan verb, Polite, usu. 〜と思います
I would be most grateful if you could ..., I would humbly ask that you ..., please ...
思う事言わねば腹膨る, おもうこといわねばはらふくる
Expression, Proverb
if you don't speak your mind, you'll feel uneasy afterwards
いつまでもあると思うな親と金, 何時迄もあると思うな親と金, いつまでもあるとおもうなおやとかね
Expression, Proverb
you can't rely on parents and money to stay around forever, money comes and goes; so do parents