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怒り, いかり
anger, rage, fury, wrath, indignation
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怒りっぽい, おこりっぽい
hot-tempered, quick to take offense, quick to take offence, irascible, touchy
怒り狂う, いかりくるう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to rage, to fly into a rage, to become furious
怒り, いかりばな
flared nostrils
怒り, いかりがお
angry face, angry expression
怒り上戸, おこりじょうご
quarrelsome drinker
怒りん坊, おこりんぼう
short-tempered or irritable person
怒り出す, 怒りだす, おこりだす, いかりだす
Godan verb
to fly into a rage, to lose one's temper, to flare up, to break out
怒りを遷す, いかりをうつす
Expression, Godan verb
to be so angry that one lashes out at unrelated things, to have an outburst of anger
怒りを買う, いかりをかう
Expression, Godan verb
to rouse anger, to provoke wrath, to offend
怒りを込めて, いかりをこめて
Expression, See 込める・2
furiously, passionately, indignantly
怒りに震える, 怒りにふるえる, いかりにふるえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to shake with rage
怒り, いかり肩, いかりがた
square shoulders
怒り心頭に発する, いかりしんとうにはっする
to become very angry, to be furious, to fly into a rage