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待ち, まち
Noun, used as a suffix
1. waiting, waiting time
Mahjong term
2. wait tile, tile which would complete one's hand
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待つ, 俟つ, まつ
Conjugated: 待ち
Only 待つ, Godan verb, Transitive, Intransitive
1. to wait
2. to await, to look forward to, to anticipate
usu. in negative form
3. to depend on, to need
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待ち合わせ場所, まちあわせばしょ
meeting place
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待ち望む, 待望む, まちのぞむ
Godan verb, Transitive
to wait eagerly for, to look forward to
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待ち受ける, まちうける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to await, to expect
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待ち焦がれる, 待ちこがれる, まちこがれる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to be impatient for, to wait (anxiously) for, to eagerly look forward to, to long for
待ち構える, 待ちかまえる, 待構える, まちかまえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to lie in wait (for), to be on the watch (for), to wait (for), to watch (for)
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待ち遠しい, 待ちどうしい, 待遠しい, まちどおしい, まちどうしい
longed-for, anxiously awaited
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待ち合わせ, 待ちあわせ, まちあわせ
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待ち, こころまち
Takes suru
anticipation, expectation
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待ちわびる, 待ち侘びる, 待ち詫びる, 待ち佗びる, まちわびる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to be tired of waiting, to wait impatiently
待ち伏せ, 待ちぶせ, 待伏せ, まちぶせ
Takes suru, See 待ち伏せる
ambush, lying in wait for an ambush
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待ち合わせる, 待ち合せる, 待ちあわせる, まちあわせる
Ichidan verb
to rendezvous, to meet at a prearranged place and time, to arrange to meet
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待ち, ともまち
Takes suru
attendant's waiting room
待ち, だいまち
waiting in place of someone else
待ち, かざまち, かぜまち
Takes suru
waiting for favorable wind, waiting for favourable wind
待ち, しおまち
Takes suru
waiting for the rising tide or a good opportunity
待ち, いまち
sitting while waiting, (according to the lunar calendar) an eighteen-day-old moon
待ち, ふなまち
waiting for a ship to depart
待ち, 辻待, つじまち
Takes suru
vehicle waiting to be hired
待ち, ひまち
See 月待ち・つきまち
waiting for the sun (traditional all-night event of worship and neighbourhood fellowship)
待ち, まちごま
Shogi term
anticipating the escape of the king and blocking him in advance with a knight
待ち, でまち
See 入り待ち, Slang
waiting (e.g. at the stage door) for performers or celebrities to exit
待ち, 月待, つきまち
moon-waiting party
待ち, ひとまち
Takes suru
waiting for someone to arrive
待ち, てまち
Shogi term
waiting move
待ち, 待画, まちが
See 待ち受け画面, Abbreviation
standby screen (on a mobile phone), (phone) wallpaper
待ち, とつまち
Internet slang
1. waiting for a call (e.g. on livestream)
2. waiting for an assault from another party
待ち時間, まちじかん
waiting time, latency, standby time (e.g. cellular phones), queueing time
信号待ち, しんごうまち
Takes suru
waiting for the traffic lights to change
順番待ち, じゅんばんまち
waiting one's turn
空席待ち, くうせきまち
stand-by (on an airplane)
待ち行列, まちぎょうれつ
See キュー, Computer terminology