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彼女, かのじょ
Pronoun, See 彼・かれ・1
1. she, her
See 彼氏・1
2. girlfriend
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流行る, はやる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be popular, to come into fashion
2. to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic
3. to flourish, to thrive
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はやる, 逸る, 早る
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
1. to be impatient, to be eager, to be restless, to be rash, to be impetuous
2. to be excited, to be in high spirits
たびに, 度に, たんびに
Adverb, Usually in kana
each time, every time, whenever (something happens), on the occasion of
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