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彼ら, 彼等, かれら
Pronoun, usu. in ref. to males or a mixed-sex group
they, them
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あれら, 彼等, 彼ら
Pronoun, See あれ・1, Usually in kana, indicating things distant from both speaker and listener, or things understood without naming them directly
1. those, they
Archaism, used to refer to one's equals or inferiors
2. they (of people)
Particle, pronounced わ in modern Japanese
1. indicates sentence topic
2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
3. adds emphasis
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やはり, 矢張り, 矢張
Adverb, See やっぱり・1, Usually in kana
1. as expected, sure enough, just as one thought
See やっぱり・2
2. after all (is said and done), in the end, as one would expect, in any case
See やっぱり・3
3. too, also, as well, likewise, (not) either
See やっぱり・4
4. still, as before
See やっぱり・5
5. all the same, even so, nonetheless
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