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あの, 彼の, あん
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See どの, See この・1, See その・1, Usually in kana, someone or something distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener
that, those, the
かの, 彼の, 彼
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See 彼の・あの, Usually in kana
that well-known ...
あの人, 彼の, あのひと
Pronoun, sometimes of one's spouse or partner
1. he, she, that person
2. you
あの方, 彼の, あのかた
Pronoun, Honorific or respectful
that gentleman, that lady, he, she
彼の, かの地, かのち
there, that place
彼の, かのきし
See 彼岸・3, Archaism
あのさん, 彼のさん
Pronoun, Honorific or respectful, Usually in kana, Archaism
1. that person (mainly used in red light districts)
2. you
各人に彼のものを, かくじんにかれのものを
Expression, Proverb
to each his own, may all get their due, suum cuique
あの世, 彼の, あのよ
the other world, world of the dead, netherworld
かの国, 彼の, かのくに
1. that country
2. nirvana
あの子, 彼の, あの娘, 彼の, あのこ
Pronoun, 娘 only for females
1. that girl, that kid
See 禿・3, Archaism
2. you (mainly used by a brothel owner or senior prostitutes when addressing servant girls)
あのよう, あの様, 彼の
NA-adjective, Usually in kana
such, like that, in that way
あの世千日この世一日, 彼の世千日此の世一日, あのよせんにちこのよいちにち
Expression, Proverb
a day in life is better than a thousand days in the afterlife, better one day in this world than a thousand in the next
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