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引く, 曳く, 牽く, ひく
Conjugated: 引かない
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to pull, to tug, to lead (e.g. a horse)
See 惹く・ひく, See 注意を引く
2. to draw (attention, sympathy, etc.), to attract (e.g. interest)
3. to draw back (e.g. one's hand), to draw in (one's chin, stomach, etc.), to pull in
4. to draw (a card, mahjong tile, etc.)
See 図面を引く
5. to draw (a line, plan, etc.)
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一歩も引かない, いっぽもひかない
not budging an inch, to stand one's ground
馬鹿は風邪を引かない, バカは風邪を引かない, ばかは風邪を引かない, ばかはかぜをひかない, バカはかぜをひかない
Expression, Proverb
stupid people don't catch colds