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座り, 坐り, すわり
1. sitting
2. stability
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座る, 据わる, 坐る, 据る, すわる
Conjugated: 座り
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to sit, to squat
2. to assume (a position)
esp. 据わる
3. to hold steady, to hold still
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座り込む, 坐り込む, すわりこむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to (enter and) sit down, to plop oneself down, to plant oneself down
2. to sit down (and refuse to move), to sit in (in protest)
座り, いすわり
座り込み, すわりこみ
sit-in (protest), sit-down (strike)
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座り, 御座り, おすわり
Takes suru, Children's language
1. sit down, sit up
2. Sit! (to a dog)
座り, すわりかた
ways of sitting
座り, すわりゆ
bath with (compartmentalized) ledges for sitting
座り心地, すわりごこち
level of comfort (of objects you sit on)
座り相撲, すわりずもう
Sumo term
wrestling performed in a sitting position
体育座り, たいいくずわり, たいいくすわり
sitting on the floor grasping one's knees (as in a gym class)
座り直す, すわりなおす
Godan verb, Intransitive
to reseat oneself, to correct one's posture
座りだこ, 座り胼胝, すわりだこ
See 正座・せいざ
calluses (on one's ankles, insteps, etc.) caused by sitting seiza
さんかくずわり, 三角座り, さんかくすわり
Takes suru, See 体育座り, Usually in kana, Dialect: Kansai-ben
sitting on the floor grasping one's knees (as in a gym class)
体操座り, たいそうずわり, たいそうすわり
See 体育座り・たいいくずわり
sitting on the floor grasping one's knees (as in a gym class)
香箱座り, こうばこずわり
sitting with paws and tail tucked underneath the body (of a cat)
座ります, ござります
Expression, See 御座います, Archaism, Polite
to be, to exist
うんこ座り, ウンコ座り, うんこずわり, うんこすわり, ウンコずわり, ウンコすわり
Takes suru, Slang, Vulgar expression or word
squatting (usu. with elbows on knees)
で御座ります, でござります
Expression, See で御座います, Archaism, Polite, polite copula
be, is
ヤンキー座り, ヤンキー座, ヤンキーすわり, ヤンキーずわり
Takes suru, See ヤンキー・1
squatting (usu. with elbows on knees)
お姉さん座り, 御姉さん座り, おねえさんすわり
Takes suru, Intransitive, See 横座り, Colloquialism
sitting on the floor with one's legs tucked under to one side
座り, 横坐り, よこずわり
Takes suru, Intransitive
sitting with one's legs out to one side