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帰り, 還り, かえり
return, coming back
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帰る, 還る, 歸る, かえる
Conjugated: 帰り
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 返る・1
1. to return, to come home, to go home, to go back
of a guest, customer, etc.
2. to leave
Baseball term
3. to get home, to get to home plate
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帰り, 帰り, かえりみち
the way back, the way home, return trip
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持ち帰り, 持帰り, もちかえり
takeout (i.e. food), take-out, takeaway, take-away
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帰り, さとがえり
Takes suru
returning home, visiting one's parents, new bride's first visit to parents
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帰り, 御帰り, おかえり
Honorific or respectful
1. return
Interjection, See お帰りなさい, Abbreviation
2. welcome home
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帰り, ひがえり
Takes suru
day trip
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帰りなさい, 御帰りなさい, おかえりなさい
welcome home
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行き帰り, ゆきかえり, いきかえり
Takes suru
going and returning (e.g. work, school), both ways
帰り, 返り花, かえりばな
See 返り咲き・かえりざき・2
1. second blooming (in a season), reflowering, reflorescence
2. return to working by a prostitute, kabuki actor, etc.
帰り, かえりぎわ
time of departure, (on the) point of departure, just as one is leaving
帰り支度, かえりじたく
preparations for returning (home)
帰り着く, かえりつく
Godan verb, Intransitive
to arrive home, to return
帰り, さとがえりてん
exhibition of returned works (e.g. from overseas)
勤め帰り, つとめがえり
May take 'no'
on the way home from work
仕事帰り, しごとがえり
going home from work, on the way home from work
会社帰り, かいしゃがえり
May take 'no', Adverb
on the way home from work, returning from work
学校帰り, がっこうがえり
returning from school, going home from school
帰り新参, かえりしんざん
person who has just made a comeback, previous employee now rejoining
帰り, あさがえり
Takes suru
coming home in the morning (after staying out all night)
帰り手術, ひがえりしゅじゅつ
day surgery, day procedure
帰り旅行, ひがえりりょこう
day trip
お持ち帰り, おもちかえり
1. one-night stand, taking home a woman from a bar, club, etc.
See 持ち帰り・もちかえり, Polite
2. takeout (i.e. food), take-out, takeaway, take-away
帰り出産, 里帰出産, さとがえりしゅっさん
returning to one's parents' house to give birth, giving birth at one's parents' home
帰り温泉, ひがえりおんせん
hot spring resort where customers can bathe without spending the night
帰りなんいざ, かえりなんいざ
Expression, See 帰去来, Archaism
let's move back home
持ち帰り残業, もちかえりざんぎょう
See サービス残業・サービスざんぎょう
at-home overtime, time spent on work one brings home
帰りがけ, 帰り掛け, かえりがけ
1. on the way back
2. when about to go back
帰りしな, かえりしな
1. when about to go back
2. on the way back, on the way home
ただいま帰りました, 只今帰りました, ただ今帰りました, ただいまかえりました
Expression, Interjection, See ただ今・1
here I am, I'm home!
行きはよいよい帰りは怖い, 行きは良い良い帰りは怖い, 行きはよいよい帰りはこわい, いきはよいよいかえりはこわい, ゆきはよいよいかえりはこわい
Expression, Proverb, from the Edo-period children's song "Odoryanse"
going there is easy but coming back is hard
本卦還り, 本卦帰り, ほんけがえり
reaching age of 60, dotage, second childhood
とんぼ返り, トンボ返り, 蜻蛉返り, トンボ帰り, とんぼ帰り, とんぼがえり, トンボがえり
Takes suru
1. somersault
2. returning from a destination right after arriving there, non-stop round trip, round trip without an overnight stop
3. abrupt change of direction