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希望, 冀望, きぼう
Takes suru
hope, wish, aspiration
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希望, きぼうしゃ
applicant, candidate, person interested in doing something, person wanting to do something, interested party, volunteer
希望価格, きぼうかかく
asking price
希望退職, きぼうたいしょく
voluntary retirement
散骨希望, さんこつきぼう
the wish to have one's ashes scattered
希望の星, きぼうのほし
Expression, Idiomatic expression
ray of light, ray of hope, promising talent
希望の光, きぼうのひかり
ray of hope, glimmer of hope
希望の党, きぼうのとう
Kibō no Tō (Japanese political party), Party of Hope
拡散希望, かくさんきぼう
Expression, in social media posts, etc.
please share (this), please help spread, retweets welcome
希望, きぼうてき
参加希望, さんかきぼうしゃ
those interested in participating, persons wishing to participate
希望的観測, きぼうてきかんそく
wishful thinking
亡命希望, ぼうめいきぼうしゃ
asylum seeker
希望に添う, 希望に沿う, 希望にそう, きぼうにそう
Expression, Godan verb
to meet someone's requirements, to meet expectations, to go along with what somebody wants
留学希望, りゅうがくきぼうしゃ
person interested in studying abroad, person wanting to study abroad
就職希望, しゅうしょくきぼうしゃ
applicant for a job, job seeker, job-hunter
希望小売価格, きぼうこうりかかく
Business term
manufacturer's suggested retail price, MSRP, recommended retail price, RRP, list price
希望の向きは, 御希望の向きは, ごきぼうのむきは
those who want it
メーカー希望価格, メーカーきぼうかかく
manufacturer's recommended price