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, 巻き, まき
1. roll (e.g. of cloth)
2. winding (e.g. watch)
3. volume (of book)
4. speeding up
5. heel (of a Japanese sandal)
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巻き込む, 巻きこむ, 巻込む, まき込む, まきこむ
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to roll up, to enfold, to swallow up
2. to involve, to drag into
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巻く, 捲く, まく
Conjugated: 巻き
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to wind, to coil, to roll, to wear (e.g. turban, scarf)
usu. 巻かれる
2. to envelope, to shroud
3. to outflank, to skirt
See 付合・つけあい
4. to link (verse)
5. to move ahead (three hours, etc.), to move up
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巻き返し, 巻返し, まきかえし
1. rally, recovery, comeback, rollback
2. winding (thread, etc.)
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巻き起こす, 巻き起す, まきおこす
Godan verb
to create (a sensation), to give rise to (controversy)
巻き上げる, 巻き揚げる, 捲き上げる, 巻上げる, まきあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to roll up, to hoist, to heave up
2. to take away, to rip off (e.g. money from someone)
3. to blow up (dust)
巻き返す, 巻返す, まきかえす
Godan verb, Transitive, See 巻き戻す
1. to rewind
2. to rally, to recover, to come back, to regain one's strength
巻き添え, 巻添え, まきぞえ
See 巻き添えを食う
getting mixed up in, getting embroiled in, involvement, entanglement, by-blow
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巻き, 渦巻, うずまき
1. whirlpool, maelstrom, vortex, eddy, swirl
2. spiral (shape, pattern)
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取り巻き, 取巻き, とりまき
followers, hangers-on
巻き, 春巻, はるまき
Food term
spring roll
巻き, ちょくまき
巻き, 首巻, 頸巻き, 頸巻, くびまき
See 襟巻き
scarf, muffler
巻き, 右巻, みぎまき
May take 'no', Antonym: 左巻き・1
巻き, ゆまき
See ゆもじ・1, Rare
1. women's waistcloth, loincloth
2. garment worn by nobles when bathing
巻き, 巻軸, まきじく
scroll roller
巻き, うまき
See 卵焼き・1, Food term
omelette-wrapped eel, basted, roasted eel wrapped in a rolled omelette
巻き, 巻き, 巻き, まきす
bamboo mat used in food preparation (esp. to roll sushi), sushi mat
巻き, 巻髪, まきがみ
curly hair, curled hair
巻き, 細巻, ほそまき
See 太巻き・ふとまき・2
rolling something thinly, something rolled thinly (a thin roll of makizushi, a cigarette, etc.)
巻き, まきづめ
ingrown toenail
巻き, 巻帯, まきおび
obi that is not tied but merely wrapped around the body
巻き, す巻, す巻き, 簀巻, すまき
1. wrapping (something) in a bamboo mat
historical term
2. wrapping someone in a bamboo mat and throwing them into a river (unofficial Edo-period punishment)
巻き, 内巻, うちまき
curling inwards (esp. the tips of one's hair)
巻き, まきぐそ
pile of poo shaped like a soft-serve ice cream
巻き, うらまき
See 巻き寿司・まきずし, Food term
makizushi with the rice on the outside
巻き, まきくせ
curl (on a rolled poster, etc.)
巻き, たてまき
longitudinal winding, curling (e.g. hair)
巻き, ひらまき
May take 'no', Medicine term
巻き, ねまき
balling and burlapping (horticulture), root wrapping
巻き, とおまき
surrounding at a distance
巻き戻す, 巻戻す, まきもどす
Godan verb, Transitive
to rewind
巻き戻し, 巻戻し, まきもどし
rewinding (e.g. VCR, tape deck, etc.)