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, ひだり
May take 'no', Antonym: 右・みぎ・1
left, left hand side
, さ
May take 'no'
left (esp. in vertical Japanese writing), the following
向かって, むかってひだり
on the left as one faces (it)
, さゆう, そう, さう
Takes suru
1. left and right, right and left
2. (asserting) control, influence, domination
3. one's attendants, people accompanying one
4. (serving at somebody's) side
5. equivocation
とかく, 兎角,
Adverb, Takes suru, Usually in kana
1. (doing) various things, (doing) this and that
2. being apt to, being prone to, tending to
3. at any rate, anyhow, anyway
May take 'no'
4. all sorts of (negative things), various
Only 兎角, See 亀毛兎角, Buddhist term, Idiomatic expression
5. things that do not exist, rabbit horns
, さよく, サヨク
May take 'no', Antonym: 右翼・1
1. left-wing (politics)
2. left wing (of a bird, aircraft, formation, etc.), left flank
Baseball term
3. left field
, ひだりうえ
May take 'no'
upper left
, , ひだりあし, さそく
1. left foot
2. left leg
, さわん, ひだりうで
See 右腕・1
1. left arm
Only さわん
2. left-handed (baseball pitcher)
, さは
May take 'no'
left wing
, ひだりて
1. left hand
May take 'no'
2. left-hand side, left-hand direction, (on) the left
, ひだりまえ
1. wearing a kimono with the right side over the left (normally used only for the dead)
2. going badly (one's business, one's fortune, the economy), being in a bad financial situation
3. front left, front and left, before and left
, ひだりがわ, さそく
May take 'no'
left side, left-hand side
さようなら, 様なら, サヨウナラ, サヨーナラ
Interjection, Usually in kana
farewell, adieu, goodbye, so long
, さき
primarily used in vertical writing
undermentioned (statement), the following, at left
, させつ
Takes suru, See 右折
turning to the left, left turn
利き, , ひだりきき
May take 'no', See 右利き・みぎきき
1. left-handedness, left-handed person, left-hander
See 左党・さとう・1
2. fondness for alcohol, person who is fond of alcohol, drinker
右往, うおうさおう
Takes suru, May take 'no', yojijukugo
moving about in confusion, going every which way, going this way and that
, さがん
left bank (of a river)
, さへん
See 右辺・1, Mathematics term
1. left side (of an equation, expression, etc.), LHS
2. left side (go, chess, othello board)
, きょくさ
May take 'no'
extreme left, ultraleft
, ひだりした
lower left
, はし, ひだりはし, さたん
May take 'no'
left end, left edge
, さのう
May take 'no'
left brain
, ひだりめ
left eye
, さいさ
May take 'no'
, しょうさ
evidence, proof, witness
さよう, , 然様, 佐様
NA-adjective, Usually in kana
1. so, like that
2. that's right, indeed
3. let me see...
弓手, , ゆんで
one's left hand, bow hand
, さちょく
left liner
, さひょう
chart at the left
, ひだりみみ
left ear
, ひだりかた
left shoulder
, うえひだり
upper left (corner)
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