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山の, 山手, やまのて
See 下町・1, See 山手・2
1. hilly section of a city (usu. upscale residential)
See 下町・したまち・2
2. Yamanote (hilly residential section of western Tokyo, incl. Yotsuya, Aoyama, Koishikawa, Hongo, Ichigaya, Akasaka, Azabu and surrounds)
See 山手・やまて・1
3. place near the mountains
山の, やまのさち
Expression, See 海の幸
food of the mountains (wild game, mountain vegetables, mushrooms, etc.), fruits of the land
山の, やまのいただき
mountain top, summit, peak
山の, やまのき
mountain air
山の, やまのせ
ridge (of a mountain)
やまのいも, 山の, 薯蕷, 藷蕷, しょよ, じょよ, じょうよ, ヤマノイモ
Usually in kana
Japanese yam (Dioscorea japonica)
山の, やまのい
Expression, Archaism
mountain well
山の, やまのひ
Mountain Day (national holiday; August 11)
山の, たざんのいし
See 他山の石以て玉を攻むべし, Idiomatic expression
lesson learned from someone's else mistake, object lesson, food for thought, stones from other mountains (can be used to polish one's own gems)
山の寿, なんざんのじゅ
山のよう, 山の, やまのよう
Expression, NA-adjective
plentiful, lot of, much, pile of
山の大将, 御山の大将, おやまのたいしょう
king of the hill, king of the castle, king of the mountain
山の一角, ひょうざんのいっかく
Expression, Idiomatic expression
tip of the iceberg
山の手言葉, やまのてことば
See 下町言葉, See 山の手・2
the refined speech of the uptown residents of Tokyo
やまのかみ, 山の, ヤマノカミ
Only やまのかみ, Expression
1. mountain god
Humorous term
2. one's wife (esp. a nagging wife)
Usually in kana
3. roughskin sculpin (Trachidermus fasciatus)
山の, やまのは
edge (brow) of mountain
枯れ木も山の賑わい, 枯れ木も山のにぎわい, かれきもやまのにぎわい
Expression, Proverb
half a loaf is better than none, even a dead tree adds to the interest of a mountain
動かざること山の如し, うごかざることやまのごとし
in being immobile be like a mountain (from Sun Tzu), being imperturbable, immobile like a mountain (from laziness, etc.)
山の石以て玉を攻むべし, たざんのいしもってたまをおさむべし
Expression, See 他山の石, Proverb
one should learn from other's mistakes, stones from other mountains can be used to polish one's own gems
海の物とも山の物とも判らない, うみのものともやまのものともわからない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
neither fish nor fowl, hard-to-predict
海のものとも山のものともつかない, 海の物とも山の物ともつかない, うみのものともやまのものともつかない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
neither fish nor fowl, hard to predict, up in the air, unclear