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届く, とどく
Conjugated: 届かない
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to reach, to touch, to get to, to carry (of sound)
2. to be delivered, to arrive
as 目が届く, 神経が届く, etc.
3. to be attentive, to be scrupulous, to be thorough
4. to be realized (of a desire), to be fulfilled, to get through (to someone), to be appreciated, to make an impression
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手の届かないところ, 手の届かない, てのとどかないところ
Expression, Antonym: 手の届くところ
(a place) out of one's reach
目の届かないところに, 目の届かない所に, めのとどかないところに
Expression, Adverb
out of sight, out of eyeshot