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尽くし, 尽し, づくし, ずくし
all sorts of, all kinds of
尽くす, 尽す, 盡す, つくす
Conjugated: 尽くし
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to use up, to exhaust, to run out of
2. to devote oneself (to), to do one's utmost (for), to serve, to work (for a cause)
Suffix, See 食べ尽くす, after masu stem of verb
3. to do to exhaustion, to do completely, to do fully
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尽くし, はなづくし, はなずくし
1. citing or naming a variety of flowers
2. multi-flowered design
尽くし, くにずくし
enumeration of the names of countries
尽くし, 宝づくし, 宝尽し, たからづくし
1. collection of treasures, collection of luck-bringing items
2. pattern with drawings of several lucky items
洛中尽くし, らくちゅうづくし
comprehensive list of famous places in Kyoto accompanied with pictures and text
死力を尽くし, しりょくをつくして
desperately, to the full extent of one's power, with all of one's ability
ないないづくし, ないない尽くし, 無い無い尽くし, 無い無い尽し
Usually in kana
having absolutely nothing (left), being out of everything
筆舌に尽くしがたい, 筆舌に尽くし難い, 筆舌につくしがたい, 筆舌につくし難い, ひつぜつにつくしがたい
beyond description
人事を尽くして天命を待つ, じんじをつくしててんめいをまつ
Expression, Proverb
man proposes, God disposes, man does what man can do then awaits the verdict of heaven (or fate)
心づくし, 心尽くし, 心尽し, こころづくし, こころずくし
kindness, consideration