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尋ね, 訊ね, たずね
question, inquiry, asking
尋ね, 訊ねる, たずねる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to ask, to enquire, to inquire
2. to search, to look for, to look into, to investigate
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尋ね, たずねびと
missing person, wanted person
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尋ね, たずねもの
item one is looking for, missing article
尋ね, たずねもの
See お尋ね者
wanted person
尋ね, 御尋ね, おたずね
Takes suru, See 尋ねる・たずねる・1, Honorific or respectful
1. asking, enquiring
See 尋ねる・たずねる・2
2. searching, looking for
尋ね出す, たずねいだす, たずねだす
Godan verb, Transitive
to locate, to discover
尋ね, 御尋ね, おたずねもの
person sought by the police, wanted person, fugitive from justice
尋ね求める, たずねもとめる
Ichidan verb
to seek for
七度尋ねて人を疑え, ななたびたずねてひとをうたがえ, しちどたずねてひとをうたがえ
Expression, Proverb
search thoroughly for something lost before you suspect someone of stealing it, be on sure ground before you accuse somebody