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, , とみ
1. riches, wealth, fortune
2. resources
See 富くじ, Abbreviation
3. lottery
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士山, 不二山, 不尽山, ふじさん, ふじやま
Mount Fuji, Mt. Fuji, Fujiyama, Fuji-san
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, ほうふ
abundant, plentiful, rich, ample
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, とやま
Toyama (city, prefecture)
, とむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to be rich in, to abound in, to be abundant in, to be full of, to be wealthy
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経験豊, けいけんほうふ
experienced, well-versed
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種類豊, しゅるいほうふ
rich in variety, diverse, wide-ranging, multifarious
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, ひんぷ
wealth and poverty, rich and poor
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, ふごう
wealthy person, millionaire
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, , ふゆう
wealth, riches, affluence, opulence
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, いんぷ
wealth, prosperity
, とみふだ
lottery ticket
, 冨有, ふゆう
rich, wealthy
, ふこく
rich country, national enrichment
, ふこう
rich ore
とみよ, , トミヨ
Usually in kana
Amur stickleback (Pungitius sinensis)
, ふじょう, ふにょう, ふうじょう
, 伊当, いとう
Japanese huchen (Hucho perryi) (salmonoid fish found in Hokkaido that grows up to 1.5 meters)
, ふせん
, こくふ
national wealth
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, ふうき, ふっき
riches and honours (honors), wealth and rank
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山県, とやまけん
Toyama prefecture (Hokuriku area)
ふじつぼ, 士壺, 藤壺, フジツボ
Usually in kana
acorn barnacle (Balanomorpha spp.)
士絹, ふじぎぬ
Fuji silk
士額, ふじびたい
widow's peak, hairline that grows to a point in the middle of the forehead
裕税, ふゆうぜい
wealth tax, capital tax, equity tax
, かげふじ
shadow cast by Mount Fuji, image of Mount Fuji as reflected in a lake, etc.
, だいふごう
1. extremely rich person, multimillionaire, billionaire
See 大貧民
2. daifugō, daihinmin, Japanese card game similar to President
士桜, ふじざくら
See 豆桜
Fuji cherry (Prunus incisa)
有柿, ふゆうがき
fuyu (variety of sweet Japanese persimmon)
ふじあざみ, 士薊, フジアザミ
Usually in kana
Fuji thistle, Cirsium purpuratum
裕層, ふゆうそう
wealthy people, the rich
士派, ふじは
See 日蓮正宗, Archaism
Fuji School (archaic name for the Nichiren Shoshu branch of Buddhism)
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