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宿泊, しゅくはく
Takes suru
accommodation, lodging
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宿泊, しゅくはくさき
lodging host, lodging place
宿泊, しゅくはくにん
lodger, boarder, paying guest
宿泊, しゅくはくじょ
lodgings, quarters
宿泊, しゅくはくりょう
hotel charges
宿泊, しゅくはくきゃく
guest spending the night (i.e. at a hotel)
宿泊, しゅくはくしゃ
guest (esp. hotel), lodger
宿泊, しゅくはくすう
number of nights staying in accommodation
宿泊, しゅくはくひ
hotel charge, lodging expense
宿泊, しゅくはくけん
hotel voucher, accommodation voucher
宿泊, しゅくはくぜい
accommodation tax, bed tax, transient occupancy tax
宿泊設備, しゅくはくせつび
宿泊料金, しゅくはくりょうきん
accommodation charge, lodging charges, lodging fees
宿泊施設, しゅくはくしせつ
accommodation facility (e.g. hotel), lodging facility, boarding house
宿泊研修, しゅくはくけんしゅう
training camp, off-campus residential course
簡易宿泊, かんいしゅくはくしょ
public lodging house, simple lodging (including pensions, private lodging and capsule hotels)
住宅宿泊事業, じゅうたくしゅくはくじぎょう
(business of) renting out one's home (on Airbnb, etc.)