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家の, いえのそと
outside the house
家の, いえのうら
back of the house
家の, いえのかぜ
See 家風・1
family tradition
家の, いえの人, いえのひと
Expression, See うちの人・うちのひと・2
one's family, family member
家の向き, いえのむき
aspect of a house
家の, いっかのあるじ
master of the household
家の, いっかのちょう
head of a family
家の, そうかのいぬ
feeling lost like a stray dog
家の, さっかのたまご
aspiring writer
家の子郎党, いえのころうとう
followers, adherents
家の柱石, こっかのちゅうせき
pillar of state
家の流れ, へいけのながれ
the Heike line
家の宝刀, 殿下の宝刀, でんかのほうとう
Expression, Idiomatic expression
1. one's last resort, trump card
orig. meaning
2. treasured family sword
家の宝刀を抜く, でんかのほうとうをぬく
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to employ one's secret weapon, to play one's trump card, to use the ace up one's sleeve