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安い, 廉い, やすい
1. cheap, inexpensive
Only 安い
2. calm, peaceful, quiet
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, もの, もん
rarely used without a qualifier
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もの, 物, もん, モノ
1. thing, object, article, stuff, substance
as 〜のもの, 〜のもん
2. one's things, possessions, property, belongings, something, anything, everything, nothing
3. quality
4. reason, the way of things
Usually in kana, formal noun often used as 〜ものだ
5. used to emphasize emotion, judgment, etc., used to indicate a common occurrence in the past (after a verb in past tense), used to indicate a general tendency, used to indicate something that should happen
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もの, もん
Particle, used as a conjunction or at sentence-end, often as 〜ものな, 〜ものね
1. indicates reason or excuse
Female term or language, at sentence-end
2. indicates dissatisfaction, indicates desire to be pampered or indulged
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寄り, より
Sumo term
1. pushing back one's opponent while locked in close quarters
2. having a tendency towards, being close to
縒り, 撚り, より
twist, ply
選り, 択り, より
selecting, choosing
1. than
2. from, out of, since, at, on
3. except, but, other than
4. more
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