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, じ
1. character (esp. kanji), letter, written text
2. handwriting, penmanship
See ほの字, as 〜の字
3. the ... word (e.g. "the L word" = "love")
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, あざ
section of village
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, あざな
1. Chinese courtesy name (name formerly given to adult Chinese men, used in place of their given name in formal situations)
2. nickname
3. section of a village
, あかじ
Antonym: 黒字・1
1. (being in) the red, deficit
2. red letter, red writing
3. corrections (by a teacher or proofreader) written in red
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, すうじ
Mathematics term
numeral, figure, digit, numeric character
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, くろじ
Antonym: 赤字・1
1. (being in) the black, surplus
2. black letter
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, もじ, もんじ
1. letter (of alphabet), character
Only もんじ
2. writing
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光学式文認識, こうがくしきもじにんしき
Computer terminology
optical character recognition, OCR
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, かんじ
kanji, Chinese character
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通り, 文どおり, もじどおり
1. literally, to the letter
May take 'no'
2. literal
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, じゅうじ
May take 'no'
cross, crossed, cruciform
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, かつじ
1. printing type, movable type
2. printed text, print
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, てんじ
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, えいじ
English letter, alphabetic character
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, じまく
subtitles, captioning
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常用漢, じょうようかんじ
jōyō kanji, kanji for common use, list of 2,136 kanji designated for common use (introduced in 1981, revised in 2010)
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頭文, かしらもじ
1. first letter of a word, capital letter (at the start of a word or sentence)
2. initials (of one's name)
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詰め, じづめ
number of characters per line, page, etc.
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大文, おおもじ, だいもんじ
Only おおもじ, See 小文字・1
1. uppercase letter, capital letter
2. large character, large writing
Only だいもんじ
3. the (kanji) character "dai" meaning "big"
4. huge character "dai" formed by fires lit on the side of a mountain in Kyoto on August 16 each year
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, じゅうじか
cross (for crucifixion), the Cross (of Christ)
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, いちじ
(one) letter, (one) character
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, じけい
character style, character form
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生き, 生き引き, 生, いきじびき
walking encyclopedia, walking dictionary
, じすう
number of characters, number of letters
ヒントの ***** の数と語の中の字数とは関係がありません。
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, だいじ
title lettering
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, じく
wording, words and phrases, way of expression, token
, ごじ
misprint, misspelling, typo, typographical error, erratum
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, しきじりつ
literacy rate
, じしょ
dictionary of Chinese characters, kanji dictionary
, いんじ
Takes suru, Transitive
1. printing (text or symbols), typing
2. printed character, typed character
3. character carved onto a seal
, しゅうじ
penmanship, calligraphy
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十文, じゅうもんじ
May take 'no'
cross, cruciform
, じゅうじろ
crossroads, intersection
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, もじばん
1. dial (of a meter, watch, etc.), face (of a clock)
2. keyboard (on a typewriter, etc.)
3. letter board (communication aid for people unable to speak), communication board
, じたい
1. form of a character (e.g. simplified, traditional)
See 書体・1
2. type, typeface, font
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