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子供, 子ども, 小供, こども
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子供, こどもよう
May take 'no'
for use by children, for children
子供たち, 子どもたち, 子供, 子ども達, こどもたち
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子供の頃, 子供のころ, 子どもの頃, 子どものころ, こどものころ
Expression, May take 'no'
as a child, when one was a child, childhood
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子供, こどもごころ
childlike mind, judgment as a child (judgement)
子供, おんなこども
women and children
子供, こどもふく
children's clothing
子供, こどもがお
child's face, child-like face, baby face
子供, こどもしゅう
1. children
Honorific or respectful
2. child
3. young male prostitute
子供, こどもしつ
See 子供部屋
child's room, nursery
子供, みずごくよう
memorial service to appease an aborted foetus
子供扱い, こどもあつかい
Takes suru
treating someone like a child
子供連れ, こどもづれ
accompanied by children
宅の子供, たくのこども
my (our) child
子供相撲, こどもずもう
Sumo term
children's sumo
役者子供, やくしゃこども
1. skilled actor who is like a child offstage, good actor who knows but little of the ways of the world
Archaism, orig. meaning
2. child kabuki actor
子供保険, こどもほけん
juvenile insurance
子供時代, こどもじだい
子供好き, 子ども好き, こども好き, こどもずき
being fond of children, person fond of children
子供椅子, 子供いす, こども椅子, こどもいす
1. small chair for children
See ベビーチェア
2. high chair
子供遊び, 子ども遊び, こども遊び, こどもあそび
child's play
子供番組, 子ども番組, こども番組, こどもばんぐみ
children's (TV) show, children's program
子供じみた, 子供染みた, こどもじみた
Noun or verb acting prenominally, See 子どもっぽい・こどもっぽい
childish, child-like, immature, infantile
子供だまし, 子供騙し, こどもだまし
trick that may deceive a child, transparent ploy, mere child's play, kid stuff, puerile trick
子供に甘い, こどもにあまい
indulgent to (one's) children
子供を妊む, こどもをはらむ
Expression, Godan verb
to conceive, to become pregnant
子供の使い, こどものつかい
Expression, Idiomatic expression
useless messenger, doing only as one is told, fool's errand
子供を抱く, こどもをだく
Expression, Godan verb
1. to hold a child in one's arms, to embrace a child
2. to provide for a child (children)
子供っぽい, 子どもっぽい, 子共っぽい, こどもっぽい
childish, child-like, immature, infantile
子供に掛かる, こどもにかかる
Expression, Godan verb
to depend on one's children
子供部屋おじさん, 子ども部屋おじさん, こどもべやおじさん
parasite single male
子供騒げば雨が降る, こどもさわげばあめがふる
Expression, Proverb, traditional belief
if the kids make a racket outside, there will be rain
子供の喧嘩に親が出る, こどものけんかにおやがでる
Expression, Proverb
when kids get in a fight, their parents come to their aid, yelping curs will raise mastiffs