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子ガ, 子鴨, こガモ, こがも
duckling, baby duck
子ガラス, 切り子ガラス, きりこガラス
See カットガラス
cut glass, faceted glass
調子がいい, 調子が良い, 調子がよい, ちょうしがいい, ちょうしがよい
Expression, Antonym: 調子が悪い
1. in good condition, in fine shape, in form, in good health, (feeling) well, in working order, going well, running smoothly
2. glib, slick, smooth-talking, smooth-tongued
3. harmonious, melodious, rhythmical, musical
調子が戻る, ちょうしがもどる
Expression, Godan verb
to get back to normal, to get back into one's stride, to get back into the swing of it
調子が悪い, ちょうしがわるい
Expression, See 調子がいい・1
in bad shape, not doing well, not going well, out of condition, in poor form
子が立つ, 面子がたつ, メンツがたつ
Expression, Godan verb
to keep face, to save face, to not lose face
子が揃う, メンツが揃う, 面子がそろう, メンツがそろう
Expression, Godan verb, See メンツ・3, See 揃う・1, Mahjong term
to make a foursome
調子が狂う, ちょうしがくるう
Expression, Godan verb
1. to act up (machine), to go out of tune (instrument), to not work right, to have something amiss
2. to be knocked off stride, to lose one's bearings, to lose one's presence of mind, to lose one's balance
子ガストロノミー, ぶんしガストロノミー
molecular gastronomy