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姿を消す, すがたをけす
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to disappear, to vanish
姿を現す, 姿を表す, 姿をあらわす, すがたをあらわす
Expression, Godan verb
to make an appearance, to show up
姿を隠す, すがたをかくす
Expression, Godan verb
to hide, to conceal oneself
姿を見せる, すがたをみせる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to show up, to appear, to turn up
姿をくらます, 姿を晦ます, 姿を暗ます, すがたをくらます
Expression, Godan verb
to disappear, to vanish, to abscond, to decamp